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Welcome to JunyBell world!


 We are happy to welcome everybody who loves their pets.

We are glad to introduce our high quality products to you. JunyBell has launched as a professional beauty brand specifically for dogs.
We have been able to differentiate our products from our competition through our premium quality and first class designs. ​

With all our heart, we have been preparing for a long time to meet you and your dog, to create beauty of your dog, and to build a special relationship. We refuse to be compared with other low priced and low quality products. All of our products are designed by specialized dog clothing designers and all our  products are designer hand made. Furthermore, we will be launching new product lines each season bringing the most fashionable designs and high quality for your dogs.

For exquisite and beautiful care of your dog, we promise to continue the best service and to provide supportive information based on each of our expert’s opinions.

As always, we pursue the best not only in USA but also internationally.






" Your precious pet is not just wearing clothes.

It is wearing our HONOR. "